Journaling for Your Health

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Exploring Tools for Your Health Journey

Anywhere you turn there are flashy ads, products, courses and items claiming to “fix” your health. Over the years I have personally and professionally seen the benefits and downside of so many options!

I strongly believe to build a resilient state of health, we must be equip with our health toolbox. The key, is figuring out what tools are appropriate. And that can totally be individualized.

This also leads me into this exciting tool that you might have heard about. Today, we are discussing journaling! I bring a mental health expert to the clinic for an exclusive interview to talk about the benefits of journaling for total body health.

Personally, this tool has changed my life. And it is literally free and accessible! Check out the interview below and learn about how to incorporate this tool to further support you on your health journey.

Are you also looking for nutrition support?

Maybe you could use some extra tools in your toolbox when it comes to meals and eating habits. Check out more on our blog!

As a mentioned, you can join me for this awesome interview with Heidi. Watch below or directly on our Youtube channel. This channel is also packed with helpful information to support you on your health journey.

In this video, you will also learn more about Heidi and how she supports women in her practice!

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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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