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The dirty truth behind PCOS, the unexpected symptoms and the impact of a healthy diet on your hormones.


Move past the noise, fad diets and the black & white thinking around food. You deserve a great relationship with food and I will teach you how you can achieve this and reach your health goals.

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Every woman has a different makeup so every woman should have a unique approach to her health. Let’s start your journey together.

Eleni is so much more than a nutritionist. Her positive energy is absolutely contagious! She specializes in women’s health and I’m a big fan of her mind-body, individualized approach to wellness and healing. Not only have I learned so much about cultivating better eating habits and a healthy mindset, but Eleni has also had such a positive impact on my life both spiritually and emotionally. She also really helped me get balanced when my hormones were all out of whack! I highly recommend you schedule your complimentary break through call today!

Ashley D.