Three Must Know Facts about Vitamin C and Women’s Health

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Three Must Know Facts about Vitamin C

As I am writing this, it is flu season and vitamin C can be a hot topic this time of year.

In fact, you might find yourself increasing your consumption of orange juice or picking up a vitamin C supplement from the store. While vitamin C can definitely support the immune system, I am eager to speak with you about other benefits when it comes to your health as a female. Our nutrient stores play a big role in total body health.

In modern day society, everyone seems pretty stressed. And if you are a modern day female, you might be fully feeling this stress.

So what does being a stressed-out modern day female have to do with vitamin C?

A lot! To give you a little teaser, when your body is super stressed, it actually uses up more vitamin C!

Three Must Know Facts

1. Vitamin C helps with mood.

2. Vitamin C scavenges free radicals. Free radicals can contribute to inflammation.

3. Vitamin C helps with iron absorption. Non-heme sources of iron (including leafy greens & legumes) are better absorbed with the support of vitamin C.

Boost Your Vitamin C Intake

I always recommend trying to opt for seasonal and local foods when possible.

The list below gives you a variety of vitamin C rich foods. Many of these foods are in season different times of the year. Hopefully this list makes it easy for you to focus on variety and seasonality!

-Citrus fruits





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