Women’s Nutrition Clinic Programs


Our programs are designed for women. We strive to provide a total body transformative experience. Whether you have PCOS, other hormone imbalances, gut issues or looking to optimize your health…we have an option for you!

Educational Resources

PCOS doesn’t have to run your life anymore. Learn how to use nutrition and lifestyle approaches to help manage PCOS symptoms with our videos, articles and other resources. 

Let’s Talk

Every woman has a different makeup so every woman should have a unique approach to her health. Schedule a complimentary meet & greet call to discuss the best plan for you.
I came to The Healing Roots because I was experiencing unusually low energy and just felt unwell overall. Eleni really listened to my story and made a game plan to get me better. After the first few weeks I wasn’t happy with the plan and she was happy to change it to better fit my needs but still keeping in line with the overall goals we’d set. The micro-nutrient blood panel we did was extremely eye opening and I was glad I opted for it. I’ve come to the end of my program and I definitely feel much better than when I started. The program was well worth the investment.
Jamie Martindale