PCOS Group Coaching

Small group setting, limited spots!

Wanting to get your PCOS under control? Making a plan is key to long-term success. Plan ahead and make the choice to get your health in a better place as we enter a new year.


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Is Small Group Coaching for You?

If you struggle with one or many of the symptoms below:

Missing or irregular periods • acne • hair growth and or hair loss • weight gain or plateau in weight (no matter how much you log your food and move your body) • food cravings • low energy & constant fatigue

You should apply for an opportunity to take part in Eleni’s exclusive PCOS Group Coaching Program!

The breakdown:

  • Understanding the root cause of PCOS & the “why” behind the symptoms
  • Gaining education on how to eat long-term for PCOS (no crazy diets here!)
  • Learning how to incorporate key lifestyle approaches for managing PCOS
  • Shifting your mindset for better health and well-being
  • Uncovering the do’s and dont’s of supplements for PCOS

Group Coaching Includes:

  • 6, 60 minute video group coaching sessions every other week (via HIPPA compliant Zoom call)
  • Recordings of coaching sessions
  • 2 individual sessions with Eleni
  • Client app to log meals and gain feedback from Eleni between coaching calls
  • HIPPA compliant group chat to interact with other members between session
  • Recipes & meal planning resources 
  • Complete course workbook (modules, additional education materials, PCOS friendly workouts, meditations and much more!)

**$147 value, provided to you for free in this group coaching program!

Group Coaching is Right For You If:
  • You’re looking to improve your health with professional guidance and support from others
  • You do well with accountability
  • You can commit ahead of time to making the calls

Spots are limited, this is a small group setting! 

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Booking Provided by Healthie;