WNC Featured in Austin Woman Magazine!

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WNC Featured In Austin Woman Magazine

Hi everyone! Eleni here. I am here to share with you the recent ATX Woman to Watch series. Women’s Nutrition Clinic had an awesome opportunity to be featured! This means, we get to spread our message and reach more women in the Austin area!

ATX Woman To Watch

Check out the full feature link here!

ATX Woman Magazine Article

And there is more! Don’t miss this juicy article on taking care of your gut as a female.

Women’s Health Care

For years, I’ve been inspired by the women who have been featured in this magazine and their missions as business owners. ⁠

It is my mission as a women’s health clinic to shift health care for women, specifically in the world of PCOS health care.⁠

I am constantly reflecting on how I provide education and services as a licensed professional. ⁠

In this world we are bombarded with tons of health advice. And in many instances, individuals who have not been educated or licensed in the area. ⁠

I encourage you to check out our other resources for sound and impactful education!

Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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