Vitex for PCOS

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Vitex for PCOS

If your hormones are imbalanced and more specifically you’re dealing with horrendous PMS, PCOS, irregular periods or periods gone MIA, you might come to learn that vitex could be right for you.

This herb has served as a natural solution to hormone imbalance for a long time. It is personally one of my favorite and most cherished herbs for supporting the female reproductive system. 

A little down low on vitex. Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus)  is also known as chaste tree berry or chasteberry. It is Mediterranean and Middle Eastern descent. 

How Vitex Works

Vitex can be taken orally for issues and imbalances that are stated above. Specifically, Vitex has been shown to decrease luteinizing hormone (also known as LH) and prolactin.

In a nutshell, high levels of LH and prolactin can decrease fertility. Vitex has been shown to balance estrogen and progesterone. Therefore improving ovulation, regulating menstrual cycles and even improving fertility outcomes in conditions like PCOS. 

Benefits of Vitex


PMS is an all encompassing term for maybe turning into a monster right before your cycle. Ok, that might be a little dramatic, but if you’re experiencing bad symptoms of PMS then you know what I mean. Vitex has been shown to improve symptoms of PMS and PMDD. 


Being bombarded by a migraine or intense headache around the start of your cycle isn’t all that uncommon, but it definitely makes getting through everyday life much more challenging. Vitex may have a positive benefit on migraines and headaches around your cycle. 

Irregular Cycles & Infertility:

Because vitex has the ability to help balance out key hormones like estrogen and progesterone, ovulation can be improved (leading to more regular cycles) and therefore fertility. Aside from regulating hormones, monthly cycles and improving PMS, vitex can also be taken to improve fertility. 

Menopausal Symptoms:

Interestingly enough, vitex can be beneficial along the whole span of the menstrual lifespan. Vitex has been shown to improve hot flashes, sleep disturbances and night sweats. 

Use & Precautions

In practice and personal use, vitex is not a quick result herb. But has worked wonders for many females. If you think vitex is right for you, be sure to give yourself at least 3 months and work with a healthcare provider. 

Vitex is typically considered safe. The quality of the supplement is very important, that is why I always use specific, high quality brands with my clients. It’s important before taking supplements to speak with your healthcare provider, especially if you are on other medications. 

If you’re just starting your healing journey, don’t miss out on the chance to speak with me on a complimentary call. My passion and purpose is to help women, like you heal from hormonal imbalances! Click the link below and let’s chat. 

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