Vitamin C for Healthy Hormones

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Vitamin C for Healthy Hormones

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Being a woman is hard. It’s plain and simple, well it’s actually much more complicated than that. If you’re a woman reading this…then you can agree how challenging and complex it is to be a female.

To make matters even more complicated, our hormones can dictate us. Even if we want to be all “peachy” and optimistic sometimes we just can’t. And typically, the people closest to you also suffer. Hormone imbalance is no joke.If you’re ready to take control of your hormones, keep reading!

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is known to help with immune support and fight free radicals. Most people turn to it during cold and flu season.

This, you might already be familiar with. But did you know that vitamin C can help to balance out hormones? Let me explain for you and keep it simple.

The hormone progesterone is important in regard to properly functioning as a female. If you’re low in progesterone you might be suffering from infertility, low libidio, poor sleep, anxiety and mood swings.

Factors like PCOS, high stress and hypothyroidism are just a few of the ways that progesterone might become low.

In short, we have incredible, natural resources that can support and help heal our bodies.

Vitamin C can be a wonderful addition.

Adding Vitamin C for Hormone Support:

1) Add Vitamin C Rich Foods:

Try starting with citrus foods like, strawberries, winter squash, bell peppers, spinach, brussels sprouts and cabbage are wonderful options.

2) Supplementation

With support from a qualified health professional,  another way to ensure you’re receiving enough vitamin C, is through supplementation.


Addressing hormone imbalances often take more than one food or supplement. Taking an integrative approach of nutrition and lifestyle change can be key. To learn more about what approach might be best for you, schedule a call here!


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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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