Top 4 Hormone Superfoods

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Top 4 Hormone Superfoods

Have you been searching for the best foods to support your hormone health?

Look no further, this video will help you better identify top foods for hormone health!

You will likely be surprised by these foods, as they are not your average addition to the diet!

With each food, I suggest how to incorporate them and get you pumped on actually adding them to your day to day eating routine.

You might be familiar with the term, superfoods. We’re used to hearing about kale as a superfood for example.

In this video we take superfoods to the next level. I uncover four superfoods specific to hormone regulation.

If you struggle with hormone imbalance, you may want to consider additional support from a qualified provider. I work with clients every day to help them regain hormone balance and ultimately optimize how they feel day to day.

Four Superfoods


Have you ever had these before? Microgreens are sort of self explanatory. They are small and mini greens. They are concentrated in micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Hormone regulation is dependent upon specific micronutrients. So these little greens are a great go-to if you’re looking to boost your micronutrient status for hormone regulation.

Microgreens tend to have a higher concentration of nutrition than their mature counterpart. Think radish microgreens as having higher nutrient content than regular radishes.

Our hormones impact so much of who we are and how we show up in the world!


Ewww?? Maybe that is what you are thinking. However, sardines are nutritious and can be quite tasty! They are packed with vitamin D, omega 3 fats….which are essential to healthy hormone regulation, calcium and even protein!


Berries have antioxidants, fiber, polyphenols and many other nutrients. Acai berries can especially be supportive for the fertility journey and egg quality. Learn more in this video!

4)Sweet Potatoes:

Why do I consider sweet potatoes a superfood? Because they are a nutrient dense carbohydrate with lots of various benefits! Ditch the processed carbs and embrace nourishing carbs for hormone regulation and so much more!

Check out the full video and learn about these superfoods in detail right below!

And if you’re interested in learning more about hormone regulation, check out our additional resources!

Garlic: A Super Food!

Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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