Three Foods I Keep In My Kitchen

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Three Foods I Keep In My Kitchen

Ever wonder what a Dietitian keeps in their kitchen?

In this video, I share with you the top 3 PCOS foods that I keep in my kitchen.

While I am beyond the imbalances of PCOS, I still take multiple steps daily to support my health and well-being.

This means keeping high quality, nutrient-dense foods on hand at all times.

I also share some quick tips & tricks on how to keep food from going to waste and how to use foods in multiple dishes.

You don’t want to miss this fun, short and interactive video.

The three PCOS friendly foods we are going to discuss include:


Lemons are a staple in my kitchen!

I use them to flavor my dishes or add them to a hot cup of tea or a glass of cold water.

Some health benefits to adding more lemons into your diet include:

  • Lemons are high in vitamin C and help with anti-oxidant support and liver detoxification.
  • As lemons are high in vitamin C, they can help to absorb iron.
  • Quick Tip: For an easy way to increase your lemon consumption, try adding some lemon to your salads or dark leafy greens!

Lentil or Quinoa Pasta

These pastas are of a higher quality and contain much more protein than normal pasta.

The normal pastas you see today are sprayed with pesticides that can include endocrine disrupting abilities.

Organic Spinach

I love spinach because of its neutral taste. Before I travel, I like to make a leafy green smoothie with lots of spinach.

Dark leafy greens are rich in iron and go great with a squeeze of lemon to absorb your iron.

Growing up, my Italian grandmother always paired her dark leafy greens with a squeeze of lemon, it is almost like our ancestors subconsciously knew the benefits of Iron and Lemon paired together!

Watch this video for additional information on the top three foods I keep in my kitchen and be sure to give this video a thumbs up!


Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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