Chinese Medicine and PCOS

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and PCOS

In this special interview, we look at PCOS through a completely different approach!

I love this interview series because it reminds us there are so many things we can do for our health.

When it comes to PCOS, it isn’t a one size fits all approach.

So I am excited to share this interview with you all.

We discuss PCOS and women’s health through a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach.

PCOS and body systems are viewed very different, and I hope you enjoy this!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), of which Acupuncture is a part, is a holistic system of healing which has diagnosed, treated, and prevented illness for at least 3000 years.

TCM views each human as a mini-ecosystem that shares common traits with the earth on which we live.

Based on the principles of internal balance and harmony, this highly refined and complex discipline works to regenerate the body’s organs and systems.

Learn more about Andra below:

Andra Millian MATCM, L.Ac., C.H. Is an alumnus in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Master of Chinese Herbal Medicine from the top TCM University in the United States, Yo San University in Los Angeles.

While attending Yo San U, Andra had the great privilege of being chosen as the first graduate student to use her skill set working in Integrative Medicine alongside the Pediatric Surgeons and Anesthesiologists at University of California Los Angeles Medical Center for Pediatric Pain.

Practicing in her beloved Austin since 2001, Andra employs her uniquely balanced skill set to deliver PAIN RELIEF & renewed quality of life, gently, with great respect for each individual.

She treats the whole person with a focus on Chronic Ailments & Healthy Aging, utilizing Acupuncture & related non invasive therapeutic procedures such as Cupping, Far In-fared Heat, Acupressure, Chinese Herbal Medicine & Targeted Nutritional Protocols.

Andra received training in Neuro Acupuncture for Spinal Chord Injury at Neuro-Acupuncture Associates & Project Walk in Carlsbad, California. She currently treats SCI and Neurological in Austin, Texas. She combines her background in TCM (Chinese Internal Medicine), Nutritional Therapy, Neuro-Acupuncture specialization as the basis for her treatment protocols.

Check out the interview with Andra below:


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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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