Summertime Healing

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Summertime Healing

summer tips for women

Hey Ladies!

It’s summertime. 

The sounds and smell of summer bring me back to my childhood. My favorite way to spend summers was reading, being outside all day and listening for the ice cream truck around 3pm. 

I think it’s so important as adults to recreate the playfulness that summer can offer.

We can get caught up in being so serious about “fixing” our hormones, weight or PCOS.

We can get stuck thinking healing means being strict or boring…


So much of healing encompasses a light, playful energy. 

I encourage you to lean in even more to your healing journey in the summertime. 

So, here are a few ways to support your healing, hormones and general health in the summertime.

1) Take advantage of longer days:

Longer days allows us to enjoy more natural light.

It’s easy other times of the year to use the short days as an excuse for not getting out for that walk or feeling more tired. Ultimately, I find this leads to more screen time and artificial lighting. 

Commit to enjoying the longer days!

-Try to find time in the morning and early evening to get outside. 

-Take a morning walk before it gets too hot and maybe in the evening, enjoy reading on the deck or sip on some iced herbal tea. 

-Use this time to connect more with the natural world! 

Natural light and spending more time outdoors has a lot of benefit on our hormones, mood, sleep, weight and so much more. 

2) Lean into seasonal eating:

Whether you have a summer garden, visit the farmers market or go to a grocery store you can lean into seasonal eating.

Summer offers and abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

When we eat seasonal foods we get more bang for our buck (seasonal foods are typically higher in nutrients and lower in natural sugars vs. eating foods out of season), we reduce our carbon footprint and support the local economy. 

Check out a list online with what’s in season depending on where you live. 

Keep an eye out for these foods in your grocery store, grab some seeds and experiment growing a veggie or visit your farmers market and pick up some tasty seasonal foods!

3) Practice self love:

This might sound out of left field but it’s important. 

I often hear that summer brings on a lot of anxiety for females. 

Maybe you’re not feeling confident in your bathing suit, nervous someone will see “extra” hair growth or just not excited to have your routine interrupted. 

I encourage you to practice self compassion during this season. 

-One of the best ways to do this is learning to be more kind to yourself. 

Every day this summer I suggest spending a few minutes each morning intentionally working on self love. 

Maybe it’s a simple word or phrase, or meditation practice. Don’t worry if you feel a little weird! It will become more natural over time. 

When we have more self love or compassion, we can find an inner confidence. 

When we have that inner confidence we start to fall in love with our lives, just where we are now. 

We can still work towards specific goals but we can’t keep pushing off our happiness. Right now is all that is guaranteed.. so we might as well make the best of it!

Enjoy your life, now! 

Enjoy the journey! 

And most importantly enjoy this season!

Wishing you all a beautiful summer 🙂

Ps: have you checked out this podcast episode? 

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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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