Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning

best practices for hormone health in the spring months


Spring is a great time to pause, reflect and make changes that benefit your health and hormones.

So let’s just dive in, because as lovely as spring can be with flowers budding, birds singing and warmer weather… it can also be messy.

In fact, It’s been a crazy year (never mind just a busy few weeks!) I can’t help but feel the constant change from week to week myself. That being said, change will always happen.

Life will likely always be busy.

And we will usually be pulled in multiple directions. But that isn’t to say your health goals like getting your PCOS managed or wanting to just feel better overall should be pushed aside.

So it’s absolutely essential that you take a pause. That brief, intentional pause in spring can make all the difference for the months ahead.

Keep reading, as I am going to share some awesome spring cleaning tips for your health!

Ok, let’s be clear,  I am not talking about cleaning out the garage or your closet.

I mean spring cleaning for your health with emphasis on your hormone regulation. So many women struggle with some sort of hormone imbalance.

Yes, deep diving into the root cause is important but we can do so much in our every day lives to support regulation. The constant chaos, meals on the go and buzzing around don’t exactly allow you and your hormones to live in harmony with each other.

So here you go:

Top Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tip 1

Add one organic and seasonal food to your diet over the next few weeks.

Choosing seasonal foods allows our bodies to be in rhythm with what it needs as the months change. Plus, seasonal foods are packed with nutrients and flavor while they are in their prime!

I suggest organic foods because we can avoid pesticides that can present as endocrine disrupters and negatively impact our hormones.

Let’s reduce the burden on our hormones by making this simple swap. And I am talking, just one seasonal food (and try it for a few weeks! you might find you prefer this approach longer term anyways). You can look up a list online or visit a farmer market to see what is seasonal where you live.

Spring Cleaning Tip 2

Increase your veggie consumption by 2 cups per day with a raw leafy green or 1 cup per day with a cooked leafy green. Doing a total overhaul on your diet or restrictive cleanse usually doesn’t result in the best outcome (I am talking emotions and hormones both).

By just increasing your fiber, vitamin and mineral intake each day- you can start to see major changes.

I hear this all the time from clients! (feeling fuller longer, better digestion, less sugar cravings, more satisfied with meals…)

Spring Cleaning Tip 3

Give your liver some extra love. Here is a place where you can literally support a detox organ. But again, it doesn’t have to be super intense.

Gentle, on-going support is really key.  What can happen with these intense cleanses is that we miss out on other essential nutrients that actually support the detoxification pathway. Or, we completely ignore the fact that we need to be supporting our blood sugar levels as well. Many cleanses are packed with sugar or lack protein, leaving us cranky and likely to have a binge fest when it’s over.

Here are a few tips on how to support your liver this spring:

-Try pairing protein with antioxidant rich foods

-Opt for dandelion tea throughout the week

-Add bitter foods to your diet on the regular

(dandelion greens, radicchio, broccoli rabe, arugula, turnip greens, beet greens)

Spring Cleaning Tip 4

Reduce the noise.

Being overstimulated and consuming too much information is a real issue in our world. (Yes, sort of funny because you’re learning about how you’re learning to much…LOL)

Take a noise break. I do this every day, I don’t listen to podcasts on a walk or I drive silently in the car. We need more quiet in our society.

Give yourself a noise break every day (sleeping doesn’t count!)

Here are a few tips below:

-A 15 minute walk without your phone

-A meal with no distractions

-Driving in the car without jams (not all the time, I know this is the perfect time to sing along)

-Putting your phone away and working on a task with no distraction

-Shutting off the alerts on your phone

As you can see spring cleaning really can look different.

Try a new way to “spring clean” and see how you feel!

Once you start these new habits, you might find you actually want to keep them in the months ahead as well.

If you’re looking for more support and encouragement on your health journey, be sure to check out the other resources offered!


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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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