Spearmint Tea for PCOS

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Spearmint Tea for PCOS

PCOS Symptoms

You may find yourself like many other women struggling with (PCOS). Specifically you might be feeling self conscious about the facial hair growth, body hair or acne.

PCOS symptoms like these can be triggered by insulin resistance or high testosterone.

I understand PCOS on a personal and professional level. The emotional pain and physical change can be very overwhelming for a woman. It is key that you or someone you know can find care for PCOS that specifically treats the root cause.

Can PCOS Symptoms Be Cured?

PCOS can absolutely be managed and what I’ve seen in many cases, even reversed. This is effective through an integrative health model. Some of these ways include a healthy diet (no restrictions or fads!) proper & individualized supplementation, stress management, individualized movement and other lifestyle changes.

So those high testosterone symptoms you feel?

They don’t have to last forever. You don’t have to shave a five o’clock shadow behind your husband’s back, spend thousands on laser hair removal or be embarrassed to hit up the next pool party your friend hosts.

So, let’s talk about one simple thing you can incorporate (while you also work towards addressing the root of these pesky symptoms)!

Spearmint Tea for PCOS

Through one on one care, I emphasize foods and herbs as nourishment. Today, I am talking about one herb in particular. This is spearmint. I just love spearmint….and many of my clients do as well! It’s refreshing, soothing and mild in flavor.

Spearmint leaves are square shaped and contain an abundance of vitamins, antioxidants and beneficial nutrients for the body.

Studies have been done to see if spearmint herbal tea can help improve PCOS symptoms. Most studies show it requires a longer duration of time to see significant results. This can be common for many herbs as they aren’t just masking a symptom. They are supporting healing at a deeper level. So patience is key!

In order to see a decent improvement in symptoms like excess hair growth or acne, women should use spearmint tea regularly, 1-2 cups daily.

Effectiveness of Spearmint Tea for PCOS

One of the main and most prominent reasons why spearmint tea is recommended for women with PCOS is because the little leaves have an important characteristic called the “anti-androgen effect”. Essentially what this means is that it blocks the free testosterone in the body and inhibits it from functioning at all (with that extra testosterone you’re experiencing hair growth, acne…)

In fact, it reduces free testosterone by 30%. This is a significant benefit if you’re experiencing these symptoms.

I personally like the to stick to herbal teas that are high quality and organic. Try Traditional Medicinal organic spearmint tea for a delicious and blend.

Like I mentioned this is a great starting point to help manage symptoms from a more natural approach.

You might find you’re ready to start digging deeper and looking into the root cause.

If so, schedule your complimentary call with me right here!

Four Types of Tea for PCOS


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