Small groups

Find ongoing support after you have finished an individualized program.

After completing an individualized program, there are options for continued support! This ranges from an all women’s group coaching call to individual sessions.

Detailed information on maintenance can be discussed during your meet and greet call or once you’ve signed up for your program. 

pcos group coaching

Wanting to get your PCOS under control?

Make the decision now to start 2022 off right! Making a plan is key to long-term success. Plan ahead and make the choice to get your health in a better place as we enter a new year.


Let’s start your healing journey, together.

Eleni offers online classes, 1:1 coaching and ongoing support for women. How do you get started? Schedule a complimentary meet & greet to determine which program is the best fit for you.
Eleni is my go-to. She has so much knowledge, talent and a strong intuition. She keeps me motivated to stay on track with my diet/wellness goals.
Michelle Kenyon Huntting