Probiotics and PCOS

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Probiotics and PCOS

Do probiotics help with managing PCOS?

We deep dive into this topic today! Managing PCOS takes a total body approach and conventionally, we don’t always look at PCOS like this.

So let’s look at gut health and probiotics a but more. Before we dive right into the connection between probiotics and PCOS, I want to start with some basic gut health information.

Gut Health 101

The gut microbiome houses trillions of bacteria that are busy at work to support the rest of your body!

In my clinic, I am always talking gut health to my clients and how it relates back to their health goals. It’s not something you typically talk about when you’re diagnosed with PCOS. And that is a-ok. You’re in the right place.

Feel free to explore other videos on the youtube channel to learn how the entire body plays a major role.

Gut Health and PCOS

Studies have shown that gut bugs have been shown to contribute to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance and blood sugar irregularity can be a root cause of PCOS.

In addition, women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), tend to also have less diversity in the microbiome. Specific bacteria produce  lipopolysaccharides, contributing to leaky gut. As mentioned above, this leaky gut creates inflammation. Inflammation interferes with the insulin response and can create testosterone production from the ovaries.

Have you tried probiotics before?

There are so many supplements out there for PCOS and it can be super confusing and overwhelming.

Probiotics for hormone regulation

Studies show that probiotics can support insulin and blood sugar levels

Check out this five minute video to learn more about the impact on probiotics, gut health and PCOS.

Check out the website for additional information. There are a variety of resources to support you, no matter where you are on your health journey.



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