Post Pill PCOS

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Did you recently get off the pill and feel like your body isn’t yours?


Post Pill PCOS Information

Maybe you are experiencing crazy mood swings, issues with your period or terrible acne. Even though you’ve never had these issues in the past. So it’s likely even more frustrating now. 

Changes in hormones and symptoms as listed above can be a sign of something called “Post Pill PCOS.” This may lead to a diagnosis of PCOS but not to worry there are ways to balance the body!

Studies have shown that women can experience different side effects from being on the pill. 

Side effects include:

I am sure you didn’t intend for this when first deciding to go on the pill. And that is ok! That’s why I am here to give you more insight as to what is going on underneath the surface.

Looking Under the Hood

The birth control pill completely shuts down the reproductive system. How so? It basically stops all communication from the brain to the ovaries. This is why it is effective. 

But what happens when we want that communication to start up again?

Maybe you want to get off the pill to get pregnant or to regulate your period naturally.

So, you stop it. Then discover that the whole process is much more challenging than you thought. 

Heck, before the pill you might have not noticed any issues with menstrual cycle or your skin. So you’re wondering….why now?

Or maybe you went on birth control because of PCOS (a whole other root cause! – no worries, lots of other resources for you in blogs and Youtube channel- found on this website)

When many women get off the pill they may experience something called the “androgen rebound.” This is when the body and reproductive system is trying to get back into balance and figure out what to do. So hormones like progesterone, estrogen and testosterone may go haywire. And for you this might mean acne, weight gain or mood swings, etc. 

How the Pill Disrupts Hormones and What to Do

I am going to deep dive into a few main disruptions from the pill and how it relates to a diagnosis of PCOS. 

By reading these main disruptions and replenishing your body, you can start to see balance once again, work towards a regulated menstrual cycle and clearer skin! 

Blood Sugar Imbalance:

Action Step: Focus on meal timing. 

-Regulate the blood sugar through balanced meals with protein, healthy fats, veggies and complex carbohydrates. 

-Try not to go longer than 4-5 hours between meals as well. 

Not sure where to start? 

Try this free 3 day PCOS meal plan trial. Three days that can inspire you for weeks!

Gut Dysbiosis: 

The birth control pill can disrupt the gut microbiome. The gut plays a major role in hormone regulation, insulin regulation, immune function and weight management.

Action Step: Work towards healing the microbiome and reducing inflammation through these food items.

-Bone broth or collagen powder

-fiber rich foods 

-probiotic rich foods like pickles, sauerkraut, full fat yogurt 

 Oftentimes, I work with clients through individualized protocols. This is sometimes necessary depending on the person.

Hormone Imbalances Across the Board

Work with a healthcare provider who can deep dive into the hormone levels and provide support through nutrition and lifestyle based on results. These can include testosterone, insulin, cortisol, estrogen and progesterone. 

Any imbalance in these levels can easily contribute to something like acne or weight gain. 

In the meantime a few key lifestyle pieces that definitely support hormone regulation and reduced stress are below. 

Action Step: Regulate the circadian rhythm 

  • -Natural sunlight in the AM and PM
  • -7 to 9 hours of sleep 
  • -Movement

Check out the Youtube video here!

Feeling like you need more support individually?

Want to dig into the root cause of your PCOS?

Check out my other resources here!

Dealing with the physical and emotional stressors of hormone imbalance and PCOS can absolutely impact your sex drive.


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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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