PCOS Hair Growth

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PCOS Hair Growth

Do you feel like you’re struggling with excess hair growth? Has this felt like one of the more severe symptoms when it comes to trying to manage your PCOS?

Excess body hair growth doesn’t impact every female with PCOS, but a majority of women tend to experience some degree of it.

In fact, you might find yourself sneaking in a quick pluck, shave or wax.

It’s not always sustainable to hide the hair growth and can leave us really anxious.

Instead, it’s best to get to the root cause. I know when I had PCOS the hair growth was really challenging. I was extremely self-conscious and it really dictated how I was spending my time.

This included going to electrolysis appointments after school, getting a wax on the weekend and spending way too many hours in front of the mirror plucking anything I could find instead of enjoying my time with friends and other activities.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is the main contributing factor to the excess hair growth. Before you can address the hair growth, you must first address the root cause of insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance drives higher levels of testosterone.

The adrenals and excess stress cause higher levels of testosterone.

This can affect the types of women who lean more towards the type-A personality type, women who experience higher levels of anxiety and also women who tend to get overwhelmed very easily.


Diet Changes:

The best way to get insulin resistance under control is to eat three balanced meals a day with emphasis on high quality protein and fiber. This does not mean entirely carb free but rather a focus on more fiber and high-quality protein on your plate.

Do not skip meals as this tends to stress the body which in turn creates blood sugar imbalances.


Walking 10-15 minutes after each meal is shown to balance blood sugar and insulin levels.

Calm the Nervous System

Deep Breathing! Just a few minutes of deep breathing can create positive results.

In this video I talk about root causes of the excess hair growth and how to overcome it!

So tell me, have you dealt with excess hair growth?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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