PCOS Foods to Eat

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PCOS Foods to Eat

Are you looking for the next food to cure PCOS?

Ok, spoiler alert there is no one food to add in or eliminate to completely get rid of PCOS. However, taking a very specific approach and highlighting certain foods can absolutely help manage PCOS. I see this all the time in my private practice!

In this video I talk about a very specific food group that you can start to incorporate to help with managing PCOS. It’s likely a food group that you’re not super familiar with or having on a regular basis.

Are you curious now or what? Ok, so the food group we are talking about in this video is bitter foods. Bitter foods offer so many benefits and I discuss these in-depth in this video. Stay open, explore and experiment with your food!

My philosophy around food and nutrition is to truly nourish your body. This means focusing on high quality, whole foods. And… yes, we can enjoy our treats too. It’s all about balance.

Try enjoying some bitter foods. Bitter foods are high in anti-oxidants. vitamins and minerals. They can help to support liver detoxification, they can support the digestive process and help us break the patterns around sugar cravings. The underlying hormone balance must be addressed as well.

A few examples of bitter foods that you can incorporate into your diet include leafy greens (turnips, broccoli rabe, turnips, arugula, radish greens). Try to pick just one and include into one of your meals each week. From there, slowly increase your intake and see how your palette adjusts.

Some other foods include cacao (high quality dark chocolate), coffee, cranberries and add a bitters tincture into a soda water.

When you can shift your palette, your sugar cravings will shift and you will crave sugar less.

I hope you enjoy this video and it opens your eyes to a completely new food group. And more importantly, I hope it supports you in your journey with PCOS. Check out the website for additional information.

There are a variety of resources to support you, no matter where you are on your health journey.


Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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