PCOS and Excess Hunger

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PCOS and Excess Hunger

As a woman who has struggled with PCOS I have to tell you, it can make you feel like you are always hungry! What about you?

Do you experience excess hunger as a symptom of PCOS? This is not an uncommon side effect of PCOS! In fact, I would say that the majority of women I know with PCOS have struggled with excess hunger at some point in their journey with this disorder.

This excess hunger can be common, like I said. So don’t be upset with yourself. It’s not you causing the excess hunger, it’s the imbalance of the hormones.

Is hunger something you have been struggling with for a long time?

What is the root cause of excess hunger and eating with PCOS?

Are you trying to eat “right” but still not losing weight?

Do you feel like your whole day revolves around your hunger and what you’re going to have for your next meal?

If we are not addressing the root cause of the problem we will never be able to treat it.

At the root this excess hunger is insulin resistance. Insulin resistance includes carb cravings, skin tags, ring or dark circles around the next, rough skin patches that are darker in color and excess belly fat in the abdominal area.

Exercising and eating less is not always the answer so please take the shame away from all of that.

Addressing Insulin Resistance at the Root

To address insulin resistance always try to:

-Add a good quality protein to every meal

-A 10-15 minute walk after every meal. This little bit of movement can help to balance insulin and blood sugar levels right after your meal to create more sensitivity around the way your body uses the insulin.

-Do not skip meals. If you struggle with PCOS, your blood sugar and insulin are more inclined to be imbalanced. Intermittent fasting is very popular these days, but I suggest sticking to regular meals throughout your day.

Here I uncover why you may be experiencing this excess hunger and what to do about it!



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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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