New Year’s Resolutions

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Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions!

new year's resolutions for weight loss goals

Is this totally opposite of what you’ve ever heard? 

Here is some logic behind it. 

Setting a new year’s resolution can be exciting, motivating .. you have the perfect plan. 

Then it all falls apart a few weeks in. Maybe you feel bad about yourself and even feel defeated. Then you get stuck into old habits once again….only to start over next year and the year after.

You can break free from new year’s resolutions and create long lasting change any time of the year!

Yes! I see women with PCOS or women looking to lose weight find great success late November and even into mid December. There is no major overhaul just because it is January 1st. 

Here are four key strategies to use instead

1- Address the subconscious and conscious mind

Ok so here is an example. You think about the potato chips, walk to the closet, eat the potato chips, tell yourself you shouldn’t be eating them, then eat more. Sound familiar?

Your consciously aware that you shouldn’t be eating the chips, but what’s driving that habit day after day are the subconscious habits and belief systems about the food.

These are more challenging to change but it is possible! I see it all the time. Especially with women who have struggled with cravings and snacking their whole lives! This is why many new year’s resolutions don’t work. You’re not addressing the deep rooted habit around it.

2- Change the all or nothing attitude 

Commit to baby steps. Baby steps daily add up to lots of change down the road. When we try to go all in, it can be too much and then we just quit it all.

Plus, we haven’t necessarily addressed the root cause of habits and therefore, makes it hard to keep up with the change for good.

3- Show up daily with 1-3 tasks related to health

Even if you’re not motivated to make every healthy decision, try to commit to just 1-3 ways to show up for your health daily. 

Just by doing this, it can help with motivation! This could be as simple as a few minutes of deep breathing, a glass of water upon walking or a 15 minute walk during the day. Remember baby steps add up! Show up for yourself and your health every single day!

4- Connect with “Why” you want to change daily  

Connect with your why you want to change. This helps to maintain motivation long term. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day. Doing the exercise, picking the salad, drinking the water.

But why are you really doing this? It can’t just be for 30 days then you go back to same habits. Helping women with find better health or in attempt to managePCOS brings up a lot of “whys.” 

So connect with your why and write it down. 

-Is it because you want to start a family?

-Do you to be able to move easier and enjoy long hikes?

-Do you want to extend the years of your life?

-Do you want to improve you day to day quality of life?

-Do you want to improve your relationship with your significant other? 

Ready to make this change for good and find freedom from toxic food patterns?

Let’s chat and see how I might be able to support you through personalized nutrition and lifestyle approaches.

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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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