Motivation for Your PCOS Journey

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Motivation for Your PCOS Journey

I almost failed out.

Looking back, I cringe to see how PCOS impacted my early adult years.

Paralyzed by anxiety and symptoms…. I basically stopped functioning. I got warning letters from school about failing classes due to missing so many. 

This sort of “trend” continued on and off. 

I struggled with anxiety, depression, terrible IBS, hair loss… among other PCOS related symptoms (you get the point)

But then something hit me. I could either stay in this spiral or be the driver in my life. Instead of letting PCOS control me, I decided to take control of it.

So there was a turning point. 

You may feel similar… skipping out on vacations, ditching friends, missing work or just “getting through” your day. All because of some sort of PCOS or health related symptom. 

I learned a lot along the way (I hope this inspires you!)

-If I listen to my body, I can make decisions around food that truly support it vs. sabotage it 

-My digestion can work with me (not against me)

-Food, movement and proper sleep can help reduce my anxiety 

-I am not a victim to my symptoms 

-This health journey is not happening to me, it’s the best teacher I have

-I deserve a joyful life 

– I 100% understand what my body needs to properly function 

-Taking the time to invest in my health made all the difference between staying stuck and achieving freedom 

-I can trust the process

What this means for you

Now I’ve helped dozens of my clients manage their PCOS or hormone related symptoms. And finally, FINALLY get on with their lives. 

Are you fed up? I’ve got you. 

Let’s hop on a call and get you headed down path to feeling better. 

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Your PCOS expert,



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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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