Morning Routine – Heal from PCOS

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Morning Routine – Heal from PCOS

In my teens and early twenties, I struggled with autoimmunity and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which severely impacted my quality of life including:

-Anxiety & Depression

-Missing out on times with friends, school, and vacations wasted worrying about symptoms instead of being in the moment

-Sneaking around to hide embarrassing symptoms; hair loss, hair removal and generally not feeling feminine

-Anxiety when doctors hinted of issues with pre-diabetes and infertility

-Thousands of dollars spent on doctors and symptom relief

Even after I recovered from symptoms, the trauma caused me to develop a baseline anxiety response to life. My will to lead a healthy life free of diagnoses and medications launched me on a personal healing journey that included functional practitioners and alternative healing modalities. Through a whole-body approach, I was able to bring my body back into balance and now I am so passionate about giving other women the same tools that radically changed my life.

The morning routine that helped me. I hope it’s a guide light for you on your journey.

Stress Levels

Managing stress levels in the morning was by far the most important tool to catapult my body into healing on its own. I started each morning by getting outside, whether it was for a short walk or just a few minutes to soak in the fresh air. We release endorphins when we are outside thus balancing our hormones with the natural light exposure.

After getting outside for a few minutes or a short walk, I incorporated yoga and deep breathing.  This helped to calm my cortisol levels. When stress and cortisol is offloaded, it reduces inflammation in the body and the body is then able to produce the hormones needed to ovulate and produce a period


Tea! I started my day every morning with spearmint tea. This tea can help with reducing testosterone and androgen levels in the body. Once these levels are reduced in the body it can help with acne and excess hair growth too!


In addition to the spearmint tea, I also would start my day with 16 ounces of water. Water helps with metabolic function and detoxification.


The last piece of my morning routine included a good breakfast. This was important to help balance out the blood sugar levels. I typically would have either a protein shake or eggs and if I was running out the door, I would grab a banana with some type of nut butter.

These days my morning routine looks very similar. I tune in and see what my body wants whether it is yoga, a longer walk or Pilates. I always try to get fresh air every morning to manage stress hormones. Throughout my journey, I have learned that our bodies need to be nourished differently depending on our season of life.

Check out the video below for additional morning routine details.

Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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