Missing Diagnosis

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Missing Diagnosis

Are you a teen recently diagnosed with PCOS?

Or maybe you’re a parent or guardian of someone who has been recently diagnosed.

Perhaps, you even suspect PCOS but not sure of what is a normal shift in hormones vs. what is considered to be PCOS.

Early diagnosis of PCOS can be essential to helping women emotionally and financially in later years. When PCOS goes unaddressed, women can suffer from the syndrome and ultimately be at higher risk for chronic diseases long term.

I specialize in PCOS in my private practice. The earlier we diagnose and address it, the easier it is to manage for life!

Teen Years

The teen years are pivotal and play a vital role in health for years to come.

When PCOS goes unaddressed in teen years, these women are likely to have mood swings, body image issues and more disordered eating patterns.

Mid 20’s to Late 30’s

PCOS has a genetic component that is often overlooked in teen years that tends to manifest into adulthood (Mid 20’s-Late 30’s).

If a female starts to show symptoms in the teenage years, typically she will be put on birth control which will mask symptoms. Years later, when women get off the pill, the symptoms show back up.

It is never too late to address PCOS! We can still see success.

What to Look for in Adolescent Years

When a female first starts her cycle, it can be normal for the cycle to be irregular in the first few years.

We want to watch to see if it becomes more regular vs. staying irregular.

We also want to watch for unexplained weight gain, intense sugar cravings and intense acne breakouts.

With insulin resistance being a direct root cause of PCOS, it is important to look for any symptoms of insulin resistance to include rough and dry elbows, different color patches of skin, rings of different color patches around the neck and excess body hair.

This is the onset of PCOS.

In this video I share more about PCOS and the diagnosis of it in teen years. I hope you find this video to be a guiding light if you’re on the journey to addressing PCOS or figuring out if you have this.

Even if you are an adult and you are watching this now, it is still helpful! You could help someone younger in identifying what is going on and ultimately getting the right care.



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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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