Metformin and PCOS

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Metformin and PCOS

metformin use for pcos

Metformin for Insulin Resistance

Metformin is commonly used for women who struggle with PCOS. This medication was the first insulin sensitizing drug, meaning it helps to bring insulin in balance. For many women, the root cause of PCOS is insulin resistance.

Since metformin can normalize insulin levels, it also helps with unwanted symptoms that come with insulin resistance. Including weight loss, reduced androgens and regulation in menstrual cycles. 

As you may have gathered from other blog posts or cruising the website, I also struggled with PCOS. My doctor immediately put me on metformin. Not really knowing what it was, I agreed (just hoping anything would help with my symptoms).

Just a few days in and I struggled with really terrible stomach issues. Learning more about the medication, it’s started to make sense. In this post, I discuss a lot of unknown information about the medication. It can be helpful to note some of these facts if you’re on the medication! This is what taking an integrative approach is all about. You will want to be supporting your body from every angle.

I hope this provides you insight! Let’s dig in.

Micronutrient Deficiencies

Similar to birth control, metformin depletes micronutrients in the body. Here is a list of common deficiencies. 



-Folic Acid

Gut Health and Metformin

Women with PCOS are already at higher risk of an imbalance of bacteria in the microbiome. Dysbiosis within the gut microbiome can put a female at higher risk of obesity and insulin resistance. Metformin has been shown to alter the gut microbiome even more. 

In conclusion, it’s important to take into consideration your gut health if you have PCOS or if you are on metformin. Working with a health care provider to support your gut health is a must if you have PCOS. All of my clients are educated on gut health and provided individualized support around this topic. 

Try focusing on lifestyle changes as well. The drug alone will not make dramatic shifts in weight loss or other PCOS related symptoms. Studies show that long term use of metformin for PCOS is not conclusive. Significant research is still needed to determine if it is even necessary. 

Definitely check out this video I created on metformin and PCOS as well!

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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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