Meat and Hormone Health

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Meat and Hormone Health

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When it comes to meat, you truly should be eating a high quality product. I understand price can be an issue, but think of it as an investment in your longevity and a way to optimize your health!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve opted for the higher quality option. I really feel like this was an important piece to healing my hormones!

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Additives in non-organic meats:

Conventional meat products are injected with salt and sodium phosphate (shown to be a moderate concern to human health) to add moisture, improve tenderness and extend shelf life of the product.

Antibiotics in non-organic meats:

Animals are given antibiotics due to their poor living conditions. The animals live in extremely close quarters. Often in their own filth without enough room to even turn around.

Due to these living conditions, animals become sick quicker than if they had room to roam. If an animal becomes sick, antibiotics are the answer.

Even in mass production feed lots like the one described above, antibiotics are given constantly to avoid sickness as well. That means no avoiding them with conventional meat. Yikes!

Hormones in non-organic meats:

There are FDA approved hormones that farmers are legally allowed to inject in non-organic animals. These hormones are essentially used to speed the growth of animals. If you are purchasing non-organic meat, there is an extremely high possibility you are consuming one of these hormones.

The food they eat:

Animals raised for non-organic meat are typically fed a grain based diet (which include genetically modified crops). Unnatural? Very.

It’s like saying sour gummy candy is nutrient dense. No, if we ate that, we would become unhealthy over-time and likely gain weight from the excess sugar. This is pretty much happening to the animals so that there is plenty of meat to be provided.

What this means for you:

To put it simply, everything injected and consumed by the animals we eat is broken down by our bodies and then become part of our body.  Because of this, the introduction of resistant bacteria and disruption of normal human intestinal flora is becoming more and more normal in our society.

Plus, the added hormones are no good for our hormones!

To promote hormone healing and reduce the toxic burden on you and your family from processed meats, use these tips below:

  • Opt for certified organic meat, grass-fed red meat & dairy, pasture raised eggs and wild caught seafood.
  • It is safer to buy imported European meat products ( added growth hormones are banned in the EU)
  • Buy rBGH-free or certified organic milk and dairy products
  • Buy imported European and Canadian cheeses and other dairy products (rBGH is banned in these countries)
  • Check with your local farmers or shop at farmer markets for high quality and local products.

To learn more about eating for better hormones, be sure to check out the resources tab on the website!



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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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