Lymph System and Hormones

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Lymph System and Hormones

Have you ever given your lymph system any thought?

Or have you ever thought about how your lymph system can impact the health of your hormones and other body systems?

In this interview I take a deep dive with Massage Therapist and Body Worker, Leah Levitan to discuss in-depth how the lymphatic system is connected to so many other areas of the body.

We break down the beliefs around diet culture & exercise culture.

How so?

Have you ever thought about what you eat or how you move your body in terms of lymph health?

It may be helpful for you to think of the lymphatic system as the “body’s aquarium.” The tank in the aquarium helps to filter everything out in the body that is bad for us. When it malfunctions, this is the equivalent of the “tank” breaking down in the aquarium and therefore, can no longer filter out harmful algae and such causing the fish in the fish tank to get sick.

This is exactly what happens to our bodies when our lymphatic system is stagnant and cannot send proper blood cells to fight inflammation in the body.

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Plus check out additional information to get in touch with Leah and Women’s Nutrition Clinic. Leah is a licensed massage therapist, educator, and certified lymphatic drainage specialist.

About Leah

In her central Austin clinic, she assists and supports her clients through their unique healing journeys by harnessing the most powerful and influential system in the body. She founded Lymph Love Club in 2020 after an overwhelming response to sharing her tips and tricks on social media. Women everywhere were asking for guidance, education, and easy access to more complete information about lymphatic health. Leah now offers online training as well as lymphatic drainage coaching, for those in need of additional support and guidance. Her philosophy and approach is simple. “In order to be in radiant health, we have to support and work with the body on every level. The lymphatic system does just that.


Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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