Live Simple To Improve Your Health

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Live Simple To Improve Your Health


What does living a simple life look like? How does living a simple life support health? I deep dive into how I have simplified my life to better support my health.

From external commitments to the amount of clothes in my closet and how big my living space is.

It is so easy to get wrapped up into the craziness of life and not even realize the stress it is causing on your body.

When you are overcommitted, surrounded by lots of stuff and being pulled in a million directions….the body is in no place to heal.

External World

I started off by simplifying my external world first.

I was someone who would always overbook myself with extra-curricular activities. This was also proven evident in the test results that showed the high cortisol levels in my system due to me feeling like I always had to be on the go.

I learned that when I backed off of doing so much that I was able to show up more authentically and actually dedicate time to the things that were really important to me.

When we try to do everything and be everywhere, we really are not able to master anything. At one point, I was in fact, the “jack of all trades, master of none.”

Try to let your calendar have some space in your days instead of scheduling activities back-to-back.

Closet Space

I also simplified my closet. When we are faced with lots of choices, we get decision fatigue that can contribute to anxiety and stress.

Check out this video below to review more strategies I used to simplify my life to help me with my health.

Maybe you will be inspired, ask yourself questions you never thought to in the past or start making some changes. Regardless, I am happy to get to connect with you here as always!

Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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