Improve Your Confidence

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Improve Your Confidence

Are you feeling blah?

Is your confidence down the drain?

Maybe you lack a self care routine or suffer from toxic self talk.

If this is you, it’s okay.

If you’re struggling with hormone imbalance or PCOS you might find yourself feeling down. When we feel down, we don’t usually feel like putting in effort to our appearances. This becomes a daily habit and a battle to get back into the game. 

Studies show us that women with PCOS are more likely to endure low confidence levels and mood disruption. Likely due to the hormone imbalances and the symptoms that come with PCOS.

And if you don’t struggle with PCOS, I still suggest checking out this interview. You can gain so much insight as a female.

A simple self care routine goes a long when it comes to gaining confidence, feeling beautiful in your own body and rocking your day-to-day life! Please join me in this interview with expert Teresa Danforth!

Teresa is a skin care and make up specialist with Mary Kay.

She brings so much light, information and inspiration to this talk.

First of all, did you know that the act of self care can improve serotonin levels?

Taking that extra 5-10 minutes in the morning and evening can really make a big difference. And I encourage you to entertain the idea of truly setting aside that time!

In addition, many self care products and cosmetics contain horrible ingredients that disrupt your hormones.

So make sure your self care routine is helping you in every way possible! Learn some shocking facts about this and how you can swap out your cosmetics. Get in touch with Teresa !


Check out this awesome tutorial and interview!


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