Grocery Store Delivery Apps

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Grocery Store Delivery Apps

Often times when I broach the topic of how I prefer not to use store delivery apps or services, people often wonder, “is she too good for grocery delivery?”

Definitely not!

I welcome the use of it to anyone that feels truly aligned with it.

Especially when you’re working full time, taking care of kids and prefer to spend that hour or two doing something else.

My hope in creating this video is to shed some light on what seems like a silly, mundane task.

And show you the true health benefits of visiting the grocery store on a regular basis.

Do you struggle with going to the grocery store?

Do you tread this task?

Does meal prep feel mundane to you?

Are you bored of choosing the same foods over and over again?

I am sort of nerding out on this topic, but I can’t help it.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the process of grocery shopping. It wasn’t until recently that I connected the dots in understanding why it seemed like such an important and enjoyable process.

There is so much benefit that we can gain from being immersed with the food.

Our senses light up, we can feel inspired and we can connect with the seasons.

Diet culture plays a huge role in how we view food and even play into food restriction or food anxiety.

I encourage you to show up to the store with a playful attitude and focus on variety and freedom.

Try putting on some music and making a cup of tea or coffee to help with creating the right attitude for grocery shopping. I like to think of it as a ritual, just like my morning routine.

I find that by playing my favorite playlist and drinking a cup of tea, it really helps to create a positive mindset before going to the grocery store!

Release the restriction and stay in alignment with choosing whole, real and fresh foods.

Watch the video below for more information:


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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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