Four Types of Tea for PCOS

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Four Types of Tea for PCOS

Are you interested in learning about the natural approaches to managing PCOS?

If so, you’re in the right place! At my clinic, Women’s Nutrition Clinic – I support women every day to manage PCOS with natural and integrative approaches. And guess what? It really works! I am also living proof of this. I struggled with PCOS for years. Then I discovered a natural approach and boom.

My symptoms cleared up, I stopped taking medication and my life completely changed. I gained my confidence back, my anxiety virtually disappeared and I stopped revolving my life around laser hair removal. (Biggest win in my opinion!) Of course, it takes individual care but I really do hope all these resources (from videos, to blogs and even online courses) are a great starting point!

You deserve to be educated about PCOS and learn about the natural approaches. So, let’s dig in. Today we are talking about one of my most favorite things….Tea.

Tea can be very medicinal! From polyphenols to healing herbs and even just the act of sipping tea.

Here, we are going to specifically highlight herbal teas. Herbs can support the body and help bring it back into balance. In this video, I pick out my four top teas that can help with managing PCOS.

Four Types of Tea For PCOS Broken Down

Ginger Tea

In studies, ginger may be as powerful as over the counter NSAID medications. It is not uncommon for women with PCOS to have irregular and painful cycles. Ginger can help with the intensity of cramping, nausea and even pain.

Tulsi and Holy Basil Tea

Tulsi or holy basil tea can support adrenal regulation. This herb is known as an adaptogen herb to support balance and regulation. Adrenal glands can play a big role in symptoms for women with PCOS. What is key here is that tulsi or holy basil tea can support the stress response. I often find that clients with PCOS are experiencing heightened amounts of stress.

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea or a tea that supports liver function can help with PCOS symptoms. The liver is a key organ in hormone regulation.

Spearmint Tea

My fav! Spearmint tea can support androgen levels and testosterone. High androgens and testosterone contribute to those unwanted PCOS symptoms. Learn more in this video about how spearmint tea supported me in getting off of a PCOS medication!

After watching this video, what tea do you plan on incorporating?

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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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