Flaxseed for PCOS

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Flaxseed for PCOS

Flaxseeds are a great addition to the diet! Especially for PCOS. Flaxseeds are high in healthy fats and fiber. These food components are essential to support hormone balance in PCOS. In addition, fiber supports digestion and gut health. 

I have a few favorite ways that I like to enjoy flaxseed. Do you?

For starters, I love sprinkling flax on top of some peanut butter toast or apple slices. I’ll add a tablespoon in a smoothie or even to a salad.

The slightly sweet and nutty taste is more than tolerable, it’s delicious.

Eliminating Excess Estrogen

Did you know? Flaxseeds help us to use the bathroom. Yes!..this does mean poop! Regular bowel movements are important to help excrete excess estrogens that circulate through the body. Women hold on to excess estrogen for a number of reasons, environmental situation (think plastics!), environmental toxins, food and birth control. Flaxseeds help to expel and flush excess estrogen out of the body.

Estrogen Symptoms

Symptoms of excess estrogen can include, painful and heavy periods, tender breasts, PMS and excess weight gain.

Flaxseeds are a fat and can help keep you satiated. Many women with PCOS struggle with insulin resistance which can include increased hunger. Flaxseeds can help keep you feeling fuller for longer periods of time and eliminating those late afternoon desires to reach for the carbs.

Adding Flaxseeds into your daily diet

Flaxseeds can be incorporated into your daily smoothie, salad, yogurt or even oils such as sesame or olive oil (think salad dressings!)

It’s important that they’re stored and prepared in a specific way. Otherwise, you’re throwing away money and key benefits! I help clients with this concept all the time. So you’re getting to get the inside scoop in this video below.


Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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