Five Tips to Improve Your Sleep

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Five Tips to Improve Your Sleep

A night without sleep is terrible…Wouldn’t you agree?

I actually get “scared” the nights I see the time on the clock ticking. Knowing the exhaustion that follows. You might find that night after night you can’t sleep. I feel for you. Insomnia is really challenging. We aren’t ourselves when we don’t sleep.

Lack of sleep impacts our cognition, memory, weight, metabolism, digestion, hormones… and so much more!

Yet in our society we’ve started to praise lack of sleep.

We are a “do” society. When we are always trying to do more, something suffers. That is usually sleep. Do you feel pressured to stay up and work late? Check that final email?

Other barriers to not sleeping well include:

-electronics & artificial lighting:

These trick your body and melatonin response into believing it’s “light” out. So now you stay up later and get that second “wind.”

-high carb diet:

High carb diets create swings in our blood sugar. You may go to bed hungry and find it hard to sleep because of that. Or a dip in blood sugar can wake you up sometime in the middle of the night. This all happens because of a high carb diet.


High cortisol levels due to stress can interrupt your sleep cycle.

-lack of natural sunlight:

Lack of natural light, like getting outside can disrupt the circadian rhythm and the sleep cycle.

-environmental factors:

A bad mattress, snoring partner or warm room all impacts your sleep. Make some observations about your environment and see if there is anything you can shift, suggest to your partner or switch up!

Improve your sleep…..starting tonight!

Here are five tips to help start improving your sleep.

1)Shut off electronics one hour before bed.

2)Practice a stress relieving technique before bed. 

3)Prioritize natural daylight in the AM and PM.

4)Make sure your dinner is packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats to stabilize blood sugar levels. 

5)Make your bedroom your sanctuary… switch up the environment for a peaceful evening. 

Making lifestyle changes can be really challenging! Especially if you’ve had an old habit for a while. If you need additional support in making changes, reach out to me and schedule your complimentary meet and greet call today! Let’s chat about some options that might work best for you.

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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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