Five Kitchen Shifts for PCOS

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Five Kitchen Shifts for Managing PCOS

Do you struggle to lose weight or manage PCOS?

Are you wondering what you need to do to get things under control? Maybe you’ve looked into diets or even tried a few. I can’t stress enough that diets are not the way to go if you are struggling with PCOS. A lifestyle shift is key. And this can be fun! Instead of constantly depriving yourself, put that energy into making changes for your health.

So let’s get into our topic.

Is it any surprise that I am about to tell you the best place to start managing PCOS is in the kitchen?

Hang in there.

I am not just talking about certain foods to eat. We are going much deeper than that. You will be surprised by what else is commonly overlooked when it comes to managing PCOS.

So, are you ready for more?

Understanding The Five Kitchen Shifts to Manage PCOS

It can be easier said than done to make swaps in the kitchen. Often times, it can feel really confusing! Maybe you thought something was healthy or felt like you were doing the right thing, only to keep from making any sort of progress.

In this video, I discuss the top 5 shifts to make in your kitchen for managing PCOS.

Have you considering switching out your water source, food storage methods, cooking methods and more?

Why is this important?

Pots and pans may contain harmful chemicals that can negatively impact hormone function.

Storing food in plastic may impact insulin function and contribute to PCOS.

These are just some highlights that you will learn more about in this video.

Not only will we discuss food, we discuss other important pieces of the puzzle.

Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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