Dairy Consumption and PCOS

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The Truth About Dairy and Your Hormone Health

Are you curious about the impact of dairy consumption on PCOS and hormone health?

Gosh, there is so much information about dairy and hormones out on the internet. I suppose, this adds to the pool. I hope, if anything this video helps you feel a little bit more clear and educated as you walk on your path to healing.

I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 15 years ago. And there was not much talk about dietary changes outside of going “low carb.” If you are reading this, you probably already went down that road and looking for something real and sustainable.

And I have to say, throughout the years I have seen a lot of diet fads come and go. Personally, I didn’t eliminate dairy from my diet when I was actively working on managing PCOS. And after hundreds of conversations with women, one of the biggest questions I currently get is “do I have to eliminate dairy for PCOS?”

What’s Dairy Got to Do With It

In this video, we specifically explore the relationship between dairy and insulin levels. Many women with PCOS struggle with insulin resistance. This does contribute to PCOS related symptoms. And it is most definitely worth deep diving into.

We discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of dairy for women with PCOS. And we review research on the topic. While some studies suggest that dairy may increase insulin resistance, others show no significant impact on insulin levels.

It Isn’t Just About Dairy

We can be quick to restrict in the wellness space, without fully looking into quality.

There are plenty of non-dairy products flying off the shelves that are filled with sugar, processed oils and additives. It is worth taking the time to view this video as we discuss quality!

As a women’s health and PCOS specialist, the biggest takeaway that I have found is that the effects of dairy on the body can greatly vary from person to person.

You Are An Individual

I encourage you to take a deep dive into your hormone health and consult a specialist so that you can find individualized approach to diet and PCOS management that truly works for you in the long run.

Whether you’re a dairy lover, skeptic, or somewhere in between, I hope this video has provided you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your diet, dairy and PCOS management.

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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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