Busting Myths About PCOS

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Busting Myths about PCOS

If you’re tuning into this blog, maybe you or someone you know suffers from PCOS.

Going to the doctor with a host of symptoms and not knowing the cause can be frustrating. What’s more frustrating is when you get a diagnosis of PCOS (mainly a blanket term for a host of different symptoms) and possibly a birth control prescription.

Then you’re released into everyday life expected to thrive with symptoms that are not being treated at the root cause. 

Personally, I worked many different doctors, most who seemed to dismiss my host of symptoms (insulin resistance, irregular periods, hair loss, IBS, depression and anxiety).

I’ll never forget when an endocrinologist told me: “there are kids with diabetes who suffer more than you so stop being anxious.” (which now in hindsight, I can absolutely appreciate. And she could have been a bit more compassionate in my opinion at the same time). 

While another doctor told me that if I ever wanted to have kids, it would be hard so I’ll probably need fertility treatment. I was 15 years old. 

A third doctor told me that I’d probably need diabetes medication long term.

These messages were all delivered in less than a 15 minute visit. Then I’d go on my way, more anxious and lost than ever. I never really got answers or action steps on what I could do to heal my body. 

If you find yourself in this position, confused and shaken up it’s ok. You’re in the right place, just by reading this.

Not only will this blog help you bust some myths around PCOS, you’ll also find that I am a resource to you. Providing you the right education with solutions to truly managing PCOS. I am a health care provider who has your back. 

Myth Busters

Myth 1- You must have cysts on your ovaries

FALSE. For starters, the name PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is confusing. This suggests that all women with PCOS have multiple cysts on their ovaries. This isn’t the case in most women.

While it’s the leading cause of infertility in the states and affects 1 in 10 women at childbearing age, many women will have ultrasounds and find there are no cysts (I was one of those and you might be too). 

Myth 2- The mood swings are all in your head

FALSE. Trust me, you’re not crazy. Repeat after me.

I thought this for years, that I was just someone who was anxious, moody and depressed for no reason. That I didn’t deserve to be happy. I blamed myself and definitely made a lot of people around me pretty miserable with my mood.

The hormone imbalances that are going on in your body can lead to mood imbalances. Not to mention, if you’re stressed about what is going on, that only increases your anxiety and the release of cortisol (stress hormone). It truly becomes a vicious cycle. 

While you’re healing your hormones, it’s so important to pay attention to the mind-body connection and practice stress management.

I love spreading this to women through guided meditations, teaching breath work and providing reiki sessions. At home, you can plug into a guided meditation or use deep belly breathing. 

Myth 3- Testosterone imbalance is the issue 

FALSE. Yes testosterone imbalance is very real. It can result in male-pattern baldness, increased hair growth and acne. But it isn’t the only hormone at play. This is typically an outcome of insulin resistance.

It’s key to address the insulin resistance or root of the elevated testosterone, not just the testosterone on its own. 

Myth 4- You can’t get pregnant 

FALSE. While every female’s journey with PCOS is different, it’s a blanket statement to say this.There are many ways to implement hormone balancing for a healthy pregnancy. Or just getting your hormones regulated again to have a normal period.

Balancing the hormones and getting ovulation back on track is essential. I help clients do this through nutrition, lifestyle and lab testing! It’s been amazing to see how quickly this can happen when we address the root cause. I’ve seen women who never thought they could have a baby get pregnant within just a few months of working together!

If you’re ready to get to the root cause of your PCOS and move on with your life, go ahead and schedule a complimentary call with me below. You can begin your healing journey now! Hope to chat with you soon.

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