Are Cleanses Ok?

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Are Cleanses Ok?

Are you thinking of a cleanse?

Have you tried one in the past? 

There is so much conflicting information on cleanses out there that I am hoping to simplify it for you today. Because, let’s be honest….the thought of a cleanse or detox can sound really tempting. Especially if you are wanting a quick fix for weight loss or looking to clean out your insides after your bestie’s bachelorette.

Or all the beautiful juices and colorful bottles.

Maybe it is tempting because you don’t have to think about making time for meals or to cook for a week or more.

As a female it is important to be aware of what you are not only putting in your body, but how the body is responding to it!

Things you should know before you do a cleanse

The amount of sugar:

Always check the amount of sugar to the amount of protein in any of the products being used. The sugar shouldn’t be higher than the protein content. Especially if you are replacing a meal with a cleanse. 

It is key for women to always watch for blood sugar regulation. If our blood sugar isn’t being regulated, the body is stressed. If the body is stressed, it is really hard to reap the benefits of a cleanse. 

Quality ingredients:

The purpose of cleanses are to rid the body of waste or toxins. So you always want to check and make sure there are no processed ingredients or artificial sweeteners. 


Protein is an essential piece to detoxification. However, so many cleanse products don’t even contain protein. So we are essentially missing out on the whole reason we are doing cleanses in the first place.

So, now  you have got some basic tips about what to look for if you are thinking about a cleanse.

Learn more in this video.

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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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