Acne As an Adult

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Acne As an Adult

Are you a female struggling with acne? Are you well beyond the dreadful years of puberty?

If so, you don’t want to miss this interview.

Get the best of both worlds, a Dietitian specializing in acne and a Dietitian specializing in PCOS.

Connect the dots as to what is going on internally and externally.

This is a powerful interview with Dietitian and Aesthetician, Meg Hagar. We deep dive into what might be contributing to adult acne.

Meg Hagar is a Functional Registered Dietitian and licensed aesthetician who specializes in helping women get clear skin naturally.

She has been quoted in media outlets such as, Insider, Total Beauty & Reader’s Digest. She was even featured in NYC’s Top 10 Holistic Nutritionists list by Well+Good.

She runs a virtual private practice with a multi-collaborative team to continue helping her clients get the clear skin they dream of. Meg is working towards changing how we treat acne from a tunnel-vision, “bandaid”-type approach to cultivating a deep understanding with our bodies and healing from the inside out.

About Meg Hagar

Each time I tried something new I hoped it would finally be the thing that worked for me to clear my acne. Sometimes it would work for a little while and sometimes it didn’t do anything at all-but, in the end, it was always the same. When my acne came back I was disappointed and defeated all over again.

I’m Meg. I help put women with adult acne back in the “driver’s seat” so they can thrive in their own life and feel like they have a little more control over their acne.

I had acne so horrible that there were several times where random people would stop me on the street to offer their “miracle cures”…totally unsolicited of course.

I once slapped a man I didn’t know, out of sheer rage, because he had interrupted my date to tell me, “you know, doctors can give you medicine for your face.”

An HR director once told me, “you know, you’re such a pretty girl, it’s a real shame you have acne.”

Watch the video below for the full interview.


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Written by Eleni Ottalagana


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