3 Key Strategies to Successful Habit Change

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Changing habits can initially feel exciting. For instance, I’m gonna quit drinking… this way, I won’t feel like crap. I won’t eat at 2am, I’ll wake up early and catch the Sunday yoga class. Oh, maybe I’ll even read my book and get my errands done. All before noon! You do this for a weekend or two… then you find yourself ordering a drink, one thing leads to another and you wake up at noon on Sunday-feeling like crap and binge watching Friends. Only to dread Monday because you have to work AND get your errands done. If this is you, seriously no judgement!! I just want to point out that in the beginning, habit change can feel exciting. Then, when we don’t stick to the new habit, we’re angry with ourselves and continue to stay stuck in the same old, self-sabotaging behavior.

3 Keys to Habit Change

If you’re really serious about changing habits for better health, start with implementing these three key strategies. Maybe it’s to move your body more, stop biting your nails, eat more veggies or sleep more (just a few examples).

1. Use Motivating Self Talk:

When we start to change habits, you want to use language that is motivating. Something that evokes a shift at the subconscious level. Instead of This: I don’t want to eat at 2 am and feel bloated or tired.  Use This: I feel energized waking up on Sunday morning. I am ready to enjoy the entire day.  How different does that feel??

2. Stay in the Now:

When we plan for the future, we keep putting off the habit change. Ever tell yourself, “Oh, I’ll just start again on Monday.” This tells your subconscious to keep putting off the habit. So you never start or keep up with it! Start telling the subconscious that you’ll do it right now! Instead of This: Next weekend, I won’t eat chips and queso at 2am. Use This: Today I choose nourishing foods that make me feel good, I am eating all my food before 10pm. 

3. Move On with Grace:

Give yourself some compassion and grace. You’re not perfect, I am not perfect… that perfect influencer on Instagram isn’t perfect!!  When forming new habits, you’re going to slip up. And even once you master it, you’ll still ebb and flow a bit. Life isn’t about being perfect. It’s about finding a baseline that allows you to stay in a healthy and resilient state. Instead of This: I am so mad at myself, I can’t do anything right. I’m going to be this way forever.  Use This: I acknowledge I am not perfect, I give myself grace in this moment. I choose to move on and direct my energy to something uplifting right now. Looking for more support? Are you ready to change your habits for good? You’ve come to the right place! I have dedicated my life to help women just like you gain more balance and maintain healthy habits for good. You deserve a life filled with great health, to speak your truth, be loved, find peace and feel great, and I am here to help you. Schedule your complimentary call to learn more!


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Written by Eleni Ottalagana

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    I love the fact that compassion and grace are one of the strategies. Thank you.


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